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Protocol 1000

Poteka tako da se zaužije:
3 aktivirane kapljice na uro,
8 x na dan (vsako uro)
3 tedne.

The instructions given here are for the original, and what I like to call, Classic Protocol 1000. If you do further research you will find that we and many other people have tried various versions of Protocol 1000 over the years. While most all of the slight variations of Protocol 1000 have been successful, according to reports we have received from around the world the success has never been as good as the original protocol of mixing the dose fresh every hour.

Protocol 1000 is taking a maximum of 3 drops of activated MMS (MMS1) in 4 ounces/120 ml of water once each hour, for eight consecutive hours, every day, for three weeks or until well. Do not start out at 3 drops an hour. Try to build up to 3 drops slowly. If your body does not tolerate an increase of drops, stick with what works best for you. Your health may be recovered taking less than 3 drops in each dose. Some people have recovered their health taking 1 or 2 drops per hour, and in rare cases even less.

It is best to start out slow and build up to the 3-drop dose. Do not start Protocol 1000 until you have completed the Starting Procedure. After finishing the Starting Procedure go on to Protocol 1000 at 1 drop an hour and work up to the suggested 3-drop dose per hour.

Instructions for Protocol 1000

Step 1

- In a clean, dry glass activate 1 drop of MMS as per the instructions on Mixing a Basic Dose of MMS1.- Add 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water or other recommended mixer.

Step 2

- Drink down your 1-drop dose within one minute of mixing.

Step 3

- Continue taking a 1-drop dose every hour until you are ready to increase your drops.

Step 4

- If after three or four hours there is no problem of nausea or any worse feeling, then increase your dose by at least 1/2 drop. Go at your own pace, (without getting sicker than your illness is already making you) but steadily build up to a 3-drop dose every hour. For example, one person might start out the first day with a 1-drop dose for two to three hours, and then they may increase to 1-1/2 drops for a couple of hours, and then 2 drops for a couple of hours and so on. Others might want to stick to a 1-drop dose every hour for the entire first day, and then 2 drops every hour the next day and so on. Some may even find it necessary to stay at a 1-drop dose every hour for a few days before they can go up.

Step 5

- Continue taking 3-drop doses every hour for eight consecutive hours a day for 21 days. You may get well without another hitch, but if at any time you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive tiredness simply reduce the amount of drops you are taking by at least one half. Remember, reduce but do not stop. (A little bit of loose stool or diarrhea might be considered OK and part of the cleansing process, but if it becomes too much or you are also experiencing nausea and vomiting cut back immediately.


â—Š Never go beyond a 3-drop doseeach hour while on Protocol 1000.â—Š Though it is not pleasant to a nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or excessive tiredness should you experience these symptoms, it is usually a sign that your body is going through the detoxification process–so on that score it is positive. The goal, however, is to go at a steady pace, not too fast, so that you do not make yourself sick.â—Š In the event that you recover your health in less than three weeks, I suggest that you nevertheless continue Protocol 1000 for the entire 21 day period. This will help complete the detoxification process.

Food and Drink to Avoid When on an MMS Protocol

- When taking MMS1 or MMS2 avoid alcohol, chocolate, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea (black, green and many herbal teas) milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).- Do not take foods or supplements that are particularly high in antioxidants such as moringa, as these things cancel out the effectiveness of MMS. This is not to say you cannot have any of these foods if you are taking MMS. However when on a particular protocol it is better to wait until you finish your MMS doses for the day before consuming the above items, or take them first thing in the morning, then wait two hours before starting MMS dosing. Space them out by at least two hours after your last daily dose, or two hours before starting your daily dosing.

Note: This is basic counsel on Protocol 1000. For more thorough information on the basic essentials of MMS, instructions how to eat while on an MMS protocol, nutritional supplements and MMS, how to use all the MMS protocols in conjunction with one another, and a variety of do’s and don’ts, tips and variations, a Pre-Release copy of Jim Humble’s latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Manual, is available at: http://jhbooks.org

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