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MMS Instructions Disclaimer

We recommend fully reading the information below before attempting to use MMS products.

MMS is not a drug or medicine. It is used to make chlorine dioxide, a proven pathogen killing mineral used extensively in the hygiene and water treatment industries. The human body is 60-70% water. Used in the body, it detoxes, plus oxidizes foreign bacteria, viruses, etc; in much the same way that a healthy immune system does.

As product names may vary with different suppliers, below is a comparison of the common names used:
MMS = Miracle Mineral Solution = MMS1 = WPS1 = Water Purification Solution 1.

MMS2 = Miracle Mineral Solution 2 = WPS2 = Water Purification Solution 2.

MMS1 tablets = WPS1 tablets = Hydrozone Sodium Chlorite tablets.

Here are the main product differences;

MMS (WPS1) is a sodium chlorite liquid that needs activating to produce chlorine dioxide. The MMS (WPS1) kit is the most popular product and includes the activator.

CDS is a liquid, consisting of chlorine dioxide gas in distilled water; and is ready to use. Both of the above products require diluting before drinking, and both products are utilizing chlorine dioxide.

MMS1 (WPS1) tablets can be used instead of MMS, and are consumed with a glass of water producing chlorine dioxide.

MMS2 (WPS2) capsules are consumed with a glass of water producing hypochlorous acid; the same oxidiser your own immune system makes.

As seen on the Success Stories page, MMS has been successful in bringing relief from a wide range of health problems.

The standard 'Health Restoration Journey' is set out below.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is non-religious; and believes that taking control of our own health is a 'God given right' to be viewed as a 'sacrament' or 'sacred right' that each of us must freely enjoy. Restoring Health is like a journey, and the length of our journey will depend upon the particular ailment being dealt with, and other life style factors that may have an impact on our health. Set out below are the suggested protocols or 'sacraments' to follow, which have been developed as a result of years of successful health restoration from 90% of the diseases known to man. The starting procedure is very important, and following this 'sacrament' can often be the determining factor for successful health restoration.

For health problems of short duration, such as flu; we could go straight to 'sacrament' 1000, as in cases like this, we would often be naturally over the flu before even finishing the starting procedure.

'Health Restoration Journey', (full instructions for each of the following steps are provided below).

1/ Starting procedure - Duration: 4 days - product required - MMS kit (or CDS) 10% of people often have their health restored by here.

2/ Sacrament 1000 - Duration: 1 week - product required - MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets) 50% of people often have their health restored by here. (For a general detox we would do 3 weeks on Sacrament 1000 and stop here).

3/ Sacrament 1000+ - Duration: 1 week - product required - MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets)+ DMSO 60% of people often have their health restored by here.

4/ Sacrament 2000 - Duration: until health is restored (some diseases can take a few months) - product required -

MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets) + DMSO + MMS2 90% of people typically achieve health restoration. (Once on protocol 1000, steps 3/ and 4/ both consist of ADDING another product to the existing protocol).

The addition of DMSO and then MMS2 should be considered if we don't see favourable results after a few weeks.

If the above 'sacraments' do not prove successful, sometimes it can be because we are doing something that is preventing MMS from restoring our health. We highly recommend reading: 'MMS: 29 reasons why MMS is not restoring our health', to check if we are perhaps doing something that is preventing MMS from working successfully. Although CDS has worked successfully on a broad range of health problems, and even has some advantages in certain applications compared to MMS, an MMS kit with 5% Hydrochloric acid activator is still the BEST OPTION for general health restoration. For example, CDS does not appear to work on Malaria; yet MMS has been used successfully in thousands of Malaria cases.

If taking CDS internally, and it does not appear to be restoring our health by 2 or 3 weeks, we should consider changing to an MMS kit. An MMS kit using 5% HCl activator only has a slight extra taste than the CDS anyway.

DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is not a drug or medicine; it is a natural liquid by-product from timber processing, and has been used as a commercial solvent since 1953. It has many useful functions as a carrier; and other properties include a pain reliever and an anti-bacterial in its own right.

Used in conjunction with MMS, as a carrier, DMSO will carry the activated MMS (chlorine dioxide) through cell walls, into tumors, into bone, teeth and other places where the MMS may not penetrate alone. (DMSO is sometimes used by the pharmaceutical industry for this same purpose as a carrier).


Following are the full instructions for each step of our 'Health Restoration Journey'.

Firstly, IMPORTANT key points about using MMS:


- Keep out of the reach of children.

- Use plenty of water to wash un-activated MMS from eyes or skin immediately.

- Do not use full strength.

- Do not exceed the recommended applications.

Other important points:

- MMS must be activated, then diluted before drinking.
- Store the MMS bottle in a closed non-transparent container. Prolonged sunlight exposure can rapidly destroy its effectiveness. CDS should be stored in a fridge, but MMS is OK to store at room temperature.
- MMS can stain clothing. If MMS contacts your hands, rinse with water, do not wipe hands on your clothing.

- MMS may cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea if taking too much too soon. This is usually a sign that the MMS is working, but faster than your organs are able to process and filter out the destroyed diseased material; and that your body is using other means to remove the destroyed diseased material or toxins from your body. If you experience any of the above side effects, reduce the dose, but don't stop taking it. Follow the instructions below carefully to reduce, or preferably eliminate these possible negative effects from happening.

Caution: If you are taking prescription medications, pay attention. A strengthened immune system may recognise them as the toxins they are, and attempt to neutralise them and hence their effects. Try to allow at least one hour between taking MMS and any medication you are taking.

How to use MMS;


- For maintenance purposes, the goal is to take 6 drops of MMS once per day, (or 2 mls of CDS).
- For a particular ailment, the goal is to take 3 drops of activated MMS every hour for 8 to 10 hours per day, (or 1 ml of CDS). This is known as sacrament 1000 or protocol 1000.


In either situation, always start with no more than 1 drop for your first dose, and preferably follow the 'Starting Procedure' below.


- If taking MMS for maintenance, increase your dose by a drop per day, until you reach the 6 drop dose (in this situation, this dose is best taken at least 1 hour after your evening meal, before you go to bed). If you get to 4 drops and react; then cut your next day’s dose back to 3 drops. If you are then OK, take it back up to 4 drops, then 5, etc, until you reach the 6 drops per day. If you can't reach 6 drops, just stay on whatever dose rate that you can comfortably tolerate.

- If taking MMS for a particular ailment, your goal should be to take 3 drops of activated MMS per hour, for 8 to 10 hours per day. Start with the starting procedure (see below), or in a life threatening situation start with a maximum 1-drop per hour. If you have had no negative reaction, increase to 2 drops per hour for your next day's doses. If life threatening, or if the situation restricts increasing the dose rate slowly, you could increase the number of drops for each subsequent hourly dose rather than each day, but only if no negative effects. Repeat this procedure of increasing by 1 drop per dose, until you reach the desired dose rate.

At any point if you have a negative reaction, cut back a drop or two with subsequent doses, until the reaction ceases. If you reduce to 2 drops and the nausea feeling or diarrhoea doesn't go away, reduce to one or even 1/2 a drop. Then begin to increase as soon as you feel better. For 1/2 a drop, activate one drop, add your water, then just drink half of it. If you can’t reach 3 drops per hour, just stay with whatever dose you can tolerate. One or two drops per hour will still work but may take longer.

Once you have reached the desired dose rate, persist with it, cutting back the number of drops at any time you have a negative reaction. Some things can be overcome in a few hours (such as Malaria), some in a few days, some in a few weeks (such as herpes), and some in a few months (such as some cancers). For stubborn diseases such as HIV and some cancers, people have gone as high as 10 drops an hour. In this case, continue to take as many drops as you can per hour without causing nausea or diarrhoea.

For most ailments, when the problem is overcome, cut back to the 6-drop per day maintenance dose.


How to activate MMS

- Using 5% Hydrochloric Acid (or 4% to 10%); or 50% Citric Acid activator: With the above activators, you must use the same number of drops of MMS and activator. If taking a 3 drop dose, put 3 drops of MMS in the corner of a clean dry glass, then add 3 drops of 5% hydrochloric acid (or 50% citric acid) and shake the glass while tilted. Wait 20 to 30 seconds as the solution turns yellow/brown. Then add water or juice for drinking (about ¼ to ½ a glass). Water is the best option, and if using water, distilled water is best, otherwise any clean water would do. It may have an unpleasant taste for some people, which is reduced if you use juice instead, (although not the healthiest choice, sprite lemonade is also good for masking the taste). Do not use juice with added vitamin C. Pure grape juice, tomato juice, cranberry juice or apple juice is fine (not orange). Water is the best option if you can. Check when buying for this purpose, as most fruit drinks now have added vitamin C. Vitamin C will neutralize the MMS; as will coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, + other anti oxidants. Immediately drink your MMS once you have added your water or juice.
Another taste eliminating method of taking MMS, is to put your (30 second activated) mixture in an empty pill capsule, swallow and wash down the pill capsule with a glass of water. You may need a syringe to do this. With this method, add an equal number of drops of water once activated; eg, if you are taking 3 drops of MMS, and 3 drops of 5% HCl activator; after the 20 seconds, add 3 drops of water, then put the mixture in a pill capsule to swallow immediately with a glass of water.

- Using 10% Citric Acid, or freshly squeezed lemon Juice: With these alternative activators, you must use 5 drops of activator for each drop of MMS. Mix in a glass as described above, but in this case wait 3 minutes to activate.
If you just can't tolerate the MMS taste, you could switch to CDS which has less taste issues. MMS1 tablets are another option. There is also a protocol of anointing the skin with an MMS mixture, which is absorbed through the skin into the body. This protocol is described further down this page and is referred to as protocol 3000. e/ If work or other responsibilities make it inconvenient for you to prepare MMS hourly, you can pre-mix your doses for the day. Eg; if you are on 3 drops per hour for 8 hours per day (24 drops total), start the day by activating in a glass, 24 drops of MMS with 24 drops of 5% hydrochloric acid solution. After the 20 to 30 seconds, add this to about 1 litre of water in a sipper bottle or similar, (preferably glass - not metal). Mark the side of the bottle into 8 equal parts, and then simply drink one part per hour.

If your MMS is getting old an you are unsure if it is still working; it can be checked by activating and watching for it to turn yellow/brown. It should also give off a strong chlorine smell. If it does not change colour and there is no smell, then either your MMS or activator may need replacing. You can also use chlorine dioxide test strips to check MMS.


1/ Starting Procedure - Duration: 4 days - product required - MMS kit (or CDS).

This Starting Procedure should always be done before doing protocols 1000, 1000+ or 2000. It has been found that this procedure is very necessary for newbies and the very sick. Some people never reach the protocol 1000 and have had their 'health restored'. Go slow and don’t be in a hurry. Back off and start over if there is any discomfort that cannot be tolerated. You don’t want to get sicker by releasing toxins into your blood. Let the body eliminate these toxins slowly through the digestive system, lymphatic system or through the skin where 80% of the toxins are expelled. Sweating is good to detoxify.

The first day of the Starting Procedure take 1/4th drop of activated MMS1 every hour for 8 hours. Follow these instructions.

Note: In the case of a very sick person, start out the Starting Procedure with even less than the 1/4th drop dose which is suggested above. For an extremely sick person start with 1/8th drop every hour for 8 hours (for one day), then do the Starting Procedure, then begin Protocol 1000.

Step 1. Use an empty, clean, dry, drinking glass. Tilt the glass slightly sideways and drop one drop of MMS so the drop goes to the corner of the down part of the glass. Drop one drop of activator on top of the MMS drop. Shake the glass a little to mix the drops.

Step 2. Wait 20 to 30 seconds and then use a cup to measure 1/2 cup of water to put in the glass; this is 4 ounces. Make sure the activated drops are mixed into the water.

Step 3. Then pour off one ounce of water into a second glass and take it. That is 1/4 of the liquid now in the glass; you can take it as it is, or you can add some additional water to the ounce before you take it.

Step 4. Pour the extra 3 ounces down the drain. You won’t be using them. YOU MUST MAKE UP A NEW DRINK EACH HOUR. Each MMS drink must be made up within 30 seconds before taking it, and one should be sure to never wait more than 60 seconds before taking. (When using CDS or CDH, since 1 ml equals 3 drops of MMS and 1 ml has 20 drops then 2 drops would equal approximately 1/4 drop on MMS. So use 2 drops of CDS for this-part).
The 2nd and 3rd days of the Starting Procedure take 1/2 drop of MMS1 every hour for 8 hours a day.

Step 5. Follow the same 1 and 2 steps as above each hour. Then this time pour off 2 ounces and take them. That is the same as 1/2 of the liquid you now have in the glass. This, of course, gives you 1/2 drop.
The 4th day of the Starting Procedure take 3/4 drop of MMS1 every hour for 8 hours.

Step 6. Follow the same 1 and 2 steps as above. In this case it would be easiest to pour off 1 ounce of liquid and drink the rest which is 3 ounces of liquid. In other words you are drinking 3/4 of the 1/2 cup of water that you make in steps 1 and 2. At the end of day 4 you have completed the Starting Procedure to Protocol 1000. You should begin Protocol 1000 the next day starting at the 1 drop point. 2/ Sacrament 1000 - Duration: 1 week - product required - MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets).

Sacrament 1000 consists of taking 3 drops of activated MMS per hour, for 8 hours per day. Follow points 'a' to 'e' in the 'How to use MMS' section above. If using CDS, take 1 ml of CDS per hour. If using MMS1 tablets, take one tablet per hour as per the 'MMS tablet instructions' below.

(Once on protocol 1000, steps 3/ and 4/ both consist of ADDING another product to the existing protocol). 3/ Sacrament 1000+ - Duration: 1 week - product required - MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets) + DMSO. Sacrament 1000+ consists of adding DMSO to the dose, to help carry the chlorine dioxide deeper into the body.

- DMSO will eventually de-active chlorine dioxide, so must be added to the chlorine dioxide dose just before application or consumption. - Pure DMSO freezes at 18°c. If frozen, thaw by placing bottle in warm water or warm room. Diluting the DMSO down to 70% by adding purified water will prevent it from freezing. - 24 hours before you use the sacraments below, you should test for DMSO tolerance. Rub one drop of DMSO onto the forearm and wait 24 hours. If you experience any pain in your liver, do not use these DMSO sacraments. Taking DMSO internally with MMS.

Use only one drop of DMSO to start, and work up slowly to the desired dose rate as below.

Health Sacrament 1000+

MMS: Activate your MMS in a clean dry glass in the usual way, then add your water for drinking and add an equal number of drops of DMSO, ie, if you are on a 3 drop MMS dose, add 3 drops of DMSO to your glass just before drinking.
CDS: Same as above with the addition of 10 drops of DMSO added per 1 cc/ml of CDS.
Important: If you have mixed up a bottle of MMS or CDS to take hourly throughout the day, DO NOT add the DMSO to your bottle. When you are ready for your hourly dose, pour it into a glass, and then add the DMSO just before drinking. If you add the DMSO to the bottle, it will be all de-activated by the end of the day.
We know some people only take a few drops of DMSO as outlined above, and also know of people that consume it by the spoon full, but as with the MMS/CDS, we suggest that you work up slowly. As with the MMS/CDS, it is about establishing your tolerance level, and for most people they can handle lots more than a few drops. 4/ Sacrament 2000 - Duration: until health is restored (some diseases can take a few months) - product required - MMS kit (or CDS or MMS1 tablets) + DMSO + MMS2. Once you are settled in on sacrament 1000+ as above, you will now add MMS2 tablets. The goal is to take 3 tablets per day, half way between your MMS1 doses. Below is an example dose plan, which you can
adjust to suit your daily routine:
MMS2 capsules contain CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE or Ca(ClO)2, which is used extensively in the hygiene and water treatment industries. When it comes into contact with water, Calcium Hypochlorite immediately becomes Hypochlorous acid or HOCl.
Hypochlorous acid is an acid that the human immune system naturally produces and uses to kill pathogens of all kinds throughout the body, and many other things that sometimes need to be destroyed. This acid is probably the most important acid the body makes to maintain health. When used correctly, MMS2 simply provides the body with a boost of Hypochlorous acid when needed, to combat germs or disease. It oxidises foreign bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc; in much the same way that a healthy immune system does. Sacramental Procedure -
- Take ONE capsule at a time, and up to 3 capsules per day. For your first capsule, it is best to empty up to 3/4 of the contents out to test your tolerance. If there are no problems, for your second capsule empty out 1/2. Slowly build up to a full capsule, or if you have a negative reaction, stay at an amount that you can tolerate. Never start a child on a full capsule, always start at about 1/4 full. Both 1/4 and 1/2 full capsules are also available from the supplier's website.
Important: do not attempt to ingest any of the MMS2 powder unless it is in a capsule.
Drink at least one full large glass of water with your MMS2 capsule. Then always drink at least one full glass of water with each subsequent capsule taken that day (two glasses with each capsule is even better if you can manage it).
Because the Hypochlorous acid will destroy diseased material in your body, your body will in turn need to eliminate that destroyed material. If this process occurs too rapidly, MMS2 may cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.
As strange as it may sound, this is good (especially in the case of cancers), DON’T STOP taking it. This is usually a sign that the MMS2 is working, and that your body is eliminating the destroyed toxins or diseased material from your body.
Never make yourself sick. If you notice it is making you feel more sick than you already are, always reduce your intake of both MMS2 (and MMS1 if using as well). If you do feel worse, that's caused by killing the disease so rapidly that it generates too much poison too fast. Go slower. Be especially careful to reduce all the way to one capsule daily, or even zero if it seems that the MMS2 has made you feel worse; but start again very soon. In such a situation (or in the case of a child), you should use the 1/4 or 1/2 full capsules depending on your tolerance. If you experience a feeling like heart-burn; sipping water for several minutes after taking the MMS2 capsule often helps. If you experience nausea, this is best overcome by sitting down and sipping water; and will usually pass after several minutes. If this occurs, you should reduce the amount of powder in your next capsule.
If you don’t have MMS1, you can still use MMS2. Research has shown that if you only have MMS2, it will often do the job alone.
Some have used it at a rate of one capsule every hour. Increase the amount if you can, decrease if you feel worse.
You can use it with any medication. The medication does not hurt MMS2, and MMS2 doesn't harm the medication any more than your own immune system will.
- For healing wounds and other skin problems. MMS2 kills the pathogens and germs on a wound without harming the broken tissues. Just empty a capsule in a quarter glass of water and use that on the wound. Alcohol, iodine, and all other disinfectants do a certain amount of damage to the wound, causing increased healing time to the damaged cells; but because MMS2 kills the pathogens and does no damage, it results in faster healing.
- If you should choose to use MMS2 on your farm animals for any reason, be sure to insist that it drinks a large amount of water immediately before and after consuming MMS2, in order to ensure that the MMS2 does convert to Hypochlorous acid in its stomach.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CDS - Chlorine Dioxide Solution
What is CDS: - CDS is not a drug or medicine. Chlorine Dioxide is a proven pathogen-killer, used extensively in the hygiene, food and water treatment industries. The human body is 60 - 70% water. Used on and in the body, CDS oxidizes foreign bacteria, viruses, etc; in much the same way that a healthy immune system does.
How is it made: - As you may know, a bottle of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution; or WPS1) consists of Sodium Chlorite solution. This is mixed with an activator to form a chlorine dioxide solution, which is then diluted and consumed as per the MMS protocols. The chlorine dioxide is the active agent against disease and pathogens. To make CDS, MMS is mixed in the usual way, and the chlorine dioxide gas, which comes from the mixture, is forced through distilled water, which captures the chlorine dioxide gas. For maximum shelf life (1-2 years), CDS should be kept refrigerated, otherwise after several months it may eventually gas out and lose potency. If it loses potency, it can still be used, but you would need to use more as the solution becomes weaker, (yellow - good, clear - bad).
Gassing out will also increase as the bottle’s air gap increases. If planning on using your bottle up over a long time period, it may be beneficial to put what will not be used within a few months, into smaller glass bottles without any air gap, (this would mainly apply when down to half a bottle or less).
CDS has some advantages over the MMS:
1) The bad taste is gone. There is a slight taste left, but absolutely anyone can handle it, making it ideal for children. CDS is great for tooth aches and sore throats, which involves holding it in the mouth.
2) Once you have a prepared bottle of CDS, it is ready to use. You no longer have to mix two solutions.
3) Intravenous injection of undiluted CDS has been tried successfully on humans and cows but please don’t try this way.
Limitation: Although CDS has worked on many forms of serious disease, for some diseases MMS is still the BEST OPTION for taking internally. For example, CDS does not work on Malaria; yet MMS has been used successfully in thousands of Malaria cases.
If you are taking CDS internally, and it does not appear to be restoring your health by 2 or 3 weeks, you should consider changing to an MMS kit, or stepping up to protocol 2000, (which is adding MMS2 capsules).
As well as taking internally, CDS is also ideal for the following uses: - Water purification - Disinfection spray - Mouth, eye, ear and nose Protocols - Bath Protocols - Skin Protocols - Douche Protocol - Enema Protocol - Protocol 3000 NOTE: - CDS must be diluted before drinking. It must be added to at least ¼ of a glass of water or juice to drink.
(minimum dilution rate should be at least 25 parts drink to 1 part CDS).
(DON’T USE orange juice or fruit juices with added vitamin c, as high vitamin c will neutralise the chlorine dioxide; as will coffee, alcohol, chocolate, + other anti oxidants).
To use; Whichever option you use below, always start with a 1/4 ml dose. (A half full eye dropper in most cases = 1 ml ). If you have had no negative reaction when the time arrives to take your next dose, increase to 1/2 ml for your next dose. Repeat this procedure of increasing by 1/4 ml per dose, until you reach your desired dose level. At any point if you have a negative reaction, cut back until the reaction ceases. 1/ For maintenance purposes, take 2 ml of CDS once per day. 2/ To restore health, the goal is to take 1 ml hourly for 8 to 10 hours per day, (1 ml of CDS is equivalent to a 3 drop dose of MMS).
Unlike MMS, CDS is very unlikely to cause nausea, but it is always good to use the same ‘ramp up’ method as MMS. Cancers can require this procedure for a few months. Higher doses could speed up the process, but only if no nausea or other side effects are experienced. Some people go as high as 6 ml per hour for serious disease, or whatever dose rate they can tolerate.
For the 1ml per hour method, you can prepare in the morning a 1-litre water bottle (preferably glass), add 10 ml of CDS for the day; then drink 1/10th every hour. For most ailments, when the problem is fully overcome, cut back to the 2 ml per day maintenance dose. Using CDS for the following conditions: Babies - Start with ¼ ml and work up to 1/2 ml per hour maximum (for up to 8 hours per day). Children (and pets) - Start with ¼ ml and work up to a maximum of 1 ml per 25 kg of body weight.
Allergies - Gargle with a 2 ml CDS solution added to ¼ cup of water. You could also swallow this mix after gargling. Teeth and Gum problems - add 2 ml of CDS to ¼ cup water - brush and rinse with this. Skin spray - Take an empty 2-ounce spray bottle and add 7 ml of CDS to 2 ounces of water (preferably distilled water, but any clean water would do). This bottle of CDS will stay activated for several days, after which time you should make a fresh batch. This mixture can be sprayed on skin cancers and most other skin problems about every hour (no need to rinse off when mixed this way). CDS can be used undiluted for warts and some other tougher skin problems including skin cancer.
Sore throat or Tooth Ache - Add 4 ml of CDS to ½ a glass of water. Take a mouthful and hold in mouth. After several minutes you will have swallowed it bit by bit; after which time take another mouthful. Try and continue this for ½ an hour, eventually consuming the ½ glass over the half-hour. Alternatively, this mix can be sprayed into the back of the throat every few minutes for sore throats. Adding DMSO to the mix will be beneficial for tooth aches.
Water purifying - Use 1 ml per litre of water - leave for 2 hours. Warnings: Don’t drink full strength. Don’t exceed the recommended applications. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep refrigerated.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMS1 tablet instructions
MMS1 Tablets (Clo2) Chlorine Dioxide:
Size 1 tablet is equal to one drop of activated MMS. (This tablet can be used to purify 5 litres of water).
Size 2 tablet is equal to three drops of activated MMS. (This tablet can be used to purify 15 litres of water).
MMS Tabs innovative, chlorine dioxide tablets utilise revolutionary technology that makes available the highly effective sanitizing benefits of chlorine dioxide in a simple to use tablet form. The tablets are individually blister foil wrapped and specially engineered to carefully control and sustain the release of specified concentrations and strengths of chlorine
dioxide gas when added to water. Generating chlorine dioxide gas with these tablets is simple as in their dry form, the tablets are un-reactive only producing chlorine dioxide when exposed to or added to water. To activate the tablets simply take the tablet's orally with a glass of water and within seconds they act to produce a solution of activated chlorine dioxide in the stomach. This generated solution is effective for microbiological control oxidation.
Warning: Moisture sensitive tablets. After opening, do not leave tablets outside container. Return to zip lock bag or a suitable sealed container. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Removal of Tablets: Tablets are protected by a plastic and foil layer. If you have trouble pushing out the tablets, use a sharp pointed knife to break edge of foil, then push out tablet. If a tablet breaks up into a powder before use, do not throw the powder away - pour the powder into an empty glass and half fill with water, then drink the solution, (or put powder in an empty capsule).
How to use: Have half a glass of water ready; do not put the tablet in your mouth and then go to get the water. Don't swirl the tablet in your mouth; the tablet will start activating just from your saliva and will have a bad taste and may cause irritation to the soft tissue of the mouth, (to avoid this we highly recommend putting the tablet in an empty capsule). Place the tablet on top of your tongue, then quickly swallow with half a glass of water. Do not take with fruit juice. Avoid Vitamin c, tea, coffee & other antioxidants an hour either side of taking a tablet.
INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE MMS1 TABLETS: Size 1 or Size 2. Dosage: A person can usually tolerate a larger MMS dose with the tablets, compared to MMS, as little to no nausea is experienced. If you need to take 3 or more tablets at a time, the best way is to put the tablets in an empty capsule; then swallow the capsule with a full glass of water. When using the MMS1 tablets you must decide how severe your health condition is before starting the different dosages given below.
Protocol 1 this is for mild diseases. This is basically taking 1 tablet every hour washed down with a glass of water, for 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks or until you are feeling better. Some people cannot start taking a full tablet and should start with only ½ a tablet. This is determined by how sick they are to begin with. If one is feeling very sick then start with only ½ a tablet but then begin taking more if you feel that you can. The rule is, if you feel that the tablets are making you feel worse, take less and if they are not making you feel worse then take a little bit more the next time, but not more than 1 tablet every hour for this protocol. (CAUTION: If you start by taking ½ a tablet make sure you store the remaining ½ tablet in the foil wrapping. Any moisture in the air will start to dissolve the tablet). You must not make yourself sicker than you already are: Do not cause yourself nausea, or pain, or diarrhea. When you notice any of these symptoms coming on take less. Try not to stop taking the tablets, just take less. You can even take one tablet every three hours. Pain, diarrhea, nausea and other discomforts cause loss of energy, which in turn causes slower healing and slower recovery. Some people tend to get worse for a few days while the body goes through a period of detoxing and hexheimer effect. Many people show dramatic improvement overnight, while others may take weeks or even months. This depends on how long you have had a condition and on its extent and severity. Be patient.
Protocol 2 this is for more serious diseases. This is basically taking 2 or 3 tablets every hour with a glass of water.
Protocol 3 this is for all serious diseases. It’s the same as Protocol 2 but with MMS2 capsules added to the protocol.
The dosages are as follows, (follow the procedure in Protocol 1 above for establishing your tolerable dose rate):
1st hour take your MMS1 tablet dosage. (this can be from 1 to 4 tablets)
2nd hour take your MMS2 tablet dosage. (usually 1 capsule)
3rd hour repeat step 1.
4th hour repeat step 2. Keep this up for ten hours of the day. So you will be taking MMS1 tablets five times each day, plus MMS2 capsules five times each day.
Using MMS for the following conditions: (We highly recommend reading Jim's book for the many other ways that MMS can be used). Babies, Children (and pets) - Work up to 1 drop per 11 kg of weight, then revert to maintenance dose of 1/2 drop per 11 kg. Allergies - Gargle with a 6-drop solution activated in the usual way, and added to ¼ cup of water. Teeth and Gum problems - 6 drops of MMS activated in the usual way, and add ¼ cup water - brush and rinse with this. Do not leave in mouth longer than 60 seconds. Rinse with water. (Whitens teeth also). Add DMSO if working on an abscessed tooth. Burns (+ Bee stings & insect bites) - Any burn should be sprayed with full strength MMS (no activator added) directly from a small spray bottle. Do not add activator at all. If you don’t have a spray bottle available, apply MMS directly onto the burn, making sure the area is soaked with MMS. Wait up to five minutes, but no longer, before rinsing off with water. If you fail to rinse off, the burn will continue to hurt. On the other hand, if you do rinse within 5 minutes the burn will heal in 1/4 of the time normally required. This includes all those terrible skin and flesh burns. The pain should stop immediately or reduce to almost zero within several minutes. If the area is still sore, in about an hour spray the area again and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. For stings and bites, avoid applying to any of the surrounding skin around the bite, and this way you do not need to rinse off.
Sunburn - Sunburns should be treated the same way as for burns. Spray the red area, wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off with water. If the area is still sore, in about an hour spray the area again and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. Remember, do not allow the MMS to stay in place; it must be rinsed off. The pain should be gone in a couple of minutes. Generally two doses will overcome most sunburns, but on rare occasions if the discomfort is not all gone you can use a third dose. Be sure to rinse it off. Note that MMS is alkaline, and the burns need the alkalinity of MMS to neutralize the acidity that resides in the burned areas.
This is part of the reason why burns heal rapidly after MMS applications. Skin problems - NB; Once the activator (HCl, citric acid, lemon juice, etc) has been added to MMS it can no longer burn the skin and is safe to use for other skin problems. Take an empty 2-ounce spray bottle (see supplier website) and add 20 drops of MMS to 20 drops of 5% hydrochloric acid solution. Wait 20 seconds and then fill the bottle with water (preferably distilled water, but any clean water would do). This bottle of MMS will stay activated for several days (because of the extra strong mixture); after which time you should make a fresh batch. This mixture can be sprayed on skin cancers and most other skin problems about every hour (no need to rinse off when mixed this way).
Skin cancers and some other stubborn conditions should also be sprayed with DMSO. Using DMSO as a skin spray.
Whatever DMSO comes in contact with, it will draw into your skin; therefore do not apply DMSO using a rubber glove. A glass spray bottle is best (like on the supplier website), or else a cotton bud or your finger could be used to dab it onto the area concerned. Do not contaminate your original bottle of DMSO by dipping a cotton bud into the bottle, onto your skin, then back into the bottle. Pour out the small amount that you are going to use and then apply to the skin. This is not a problem if using a spray bottle.
DMSO can usually be sprayed full strength (99%) directly onto the skin. Watering down to 70% is ideal as it prevents your spray bottle freezing up; (pure DMSO freezes below 18 degrees C). It may cause a temporary itch, which can be soothed with a natural soothing cream if needed such as aloe. Careful what you use, as DMSO will take it into your body. You can dilute the DMSO down to 70% or even less by adding purified water if the itch is too severe.
When using in conjunction with MMS, spray your activated MMS skin spray onto the area concerned first, and then spray the DMSO on top, ie, you will have 2 spray bottles. This can be applied as often as once per hour if desired.
Water purifying - MMS can be used to purify water when travelling overseas. Use at least 1 drop (unactivated) per 4 litres of water - leave for 24 hours. For quicker purification, use 1 drop of activated MMS per 4 litres of water - leave for 2 hours. When travelling with 125 ml MMS bottles, always pack it in your suitcase with your clothing; do not attempt to take it as carry-on luggage or it will most likely be confiscated. Bathing - Activate a teaspoon or more of MMS and add to bath water. Being the largest organ of your body, your skin will absorb it.
Fuming - Staph infection should be killed after one or two treatments. Activate 5 or 6 drops and in a container wide enough to cover the infection. Add no water. Position your body so the container is on the lower surface of a body part - so the liquid does not leak out. Immediately hold the container (which will be producing chlorine dioxide gas), against the body part for no more than 5 minutes. Ten minutes will give you a bad burn. Wait 4 hours before applying a second treatment.
Inhaling Lung treatment - Treating your lungs directly by inhaling the chlorine dioxide gas has the advantage that the MMS getting to your lungs is a hundred times stronger than what you would get via the blood stream from drinking it. Caution: your lungs do not have pain nerves, and you can damage them without feeling it by over breathing the chlorine dioxide gas. Never use more than 2 activated drops for inhaling. Activate 2 drops of MMS in a glass, cover it and wait 20 seconds. Then remove the lid, lift the glass to your nose and take one breath through your nose; the minute you feel it bite, stop your breath. Then take one breath through your mouth. It may make you cough; you need to get the stuff out of your lungs, and coughing does that. Repeat this procedure two or three times a day.
There are many other sacraments that can be used with MMS products. For the complete 'Health Restoration' Workbook which covers the other protocols click here We highly recommend the MMS documentary 'Quantum Leap', which can be viewed here; https://www.quantumleap.is/
----------------------------------------------------------- MMS: 29 reasons why MMS is not restoring your health
We sometimes have people writing to us asking why they haven't had their 'health restored' from a certain disease when they read testimonies from others that have the same disease with complete health restoration with testing done before and after finishing the protocols. Are these testimonies real? How can we make statements like, MMS restores health from 95% or more of the world's diseases, when some with the same diseases that have had their 'health restored' are still struggling with their ailments? These are legitimate questions and we want to address them in this article. First of all, everyone is like a petri dish, if you will, with each one dealing with its own unique pathogens, circumstances and issues. What does it mean to cure 95% of the world's diseases? Well , no one knows exactly how many diseases there are on the earth. And more being found frequently. Are they all organic or biological, or inorganic such as, Morgellons disease?
We HAVE 'restored health' to 95% of the known world's diseases. That statement means that of the KNOWN diseases of this world we've seen health completely restored. But it DOES NOT mean that 90-95% of the people that have taken MMS have seen their health restored!
The problem is not that MMS doesn't kill 95% or more of the world's pathogens, but that the person taking the protocols isn't doing something correctly, or there is another factor that is stopping their health from 'being restored'. This is what I want to focus on in this article. A lot of factors and variables have to be considered here. Although, this is not an exhaustive list it is one that has come as a result of treating people around the globe. We have to consider the following: 1. Are the Protocols being adhered to?
Probably the #1 reason why people aren't having complete success in 'restoring their health'. The MMS protocols were developed by trial and error.
In the beginning Jim Humble, did not know exactly how long activated MMS or Chlorine Dioxide lasted in the body. We now know that it can last up to 1 hour in the body. We understand that although a few doses during the day can kill pathogens, it is much more effective in ridding the body of pathogens if the dosing is CONSISTENTLY being taken every hour for 8-10 hours a day. That CONTINUED Hourly bombardment of Activated MMS or Chlorine Dioxide in the body against the pathogens can increase the results tremendously! The person has to be consistent and dedicated to their hourly dosing. We know that it isn't convenient when working or traveling, but with the development of the 1000 protocol in a daily bottle it is much easier. You can now prepare you whole day's dosing in a 1 liter or 1 quart bottle and carry it with you the whole day. So, now it is a lot easier and more practical.
Note: You have to remember to keep it out of the sun so not to neutralize it's strength. A good idea is to set you phone's alarm to go off every hour as a reminder. So, DO YOUR PROTOCOLS CONSISTENTLY IF YOU WANT GOOD RESULTS! 2. Dosing
The basic MMS protocol is 3 drops and hour for 8 hours. It is called Protocol 1000 and can be taken with MMS1, ( MMS activated), or CDS. Although this protocol done for 3 weeks “restores health” to most health issues, many times we have to “ramp up” the doses to have better and quicker results. This is especially true with Herpes, Diabetes, HIV and 4 th stage cancers. “Ramping up” is adding 1-2 drops an hour as soon as the body tolerates MMS well. By staying at the “standard” 3 drops an hour can take longer than 3 weeks, so the protocol 1000 for 3 weeks might not “restore health”. “Ramp up”! 3. Neutralization
Another reason why people aren't having success is they are neutralizing the doses. During the daily protocol, you have to eliminate things that will neutralize or weaken the solution such as: Vitamin C, Coffee, alcohol, chocolate, anti oxidants
c. too many things at once d. recreational drugs
Note: If you are adding DMSO to your protocol, i.e. Protocol 1000+, you have to add the DMSO separately each hour by pouring out your hourly dose into a glass then add your DMSO, wait 3 minutes then drink.
Example: We had one guy come to us that had been taking MMS for 2 years without good results. I asked him what else he was ingesting during the day and he said, only 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C! Well, no wonder he didn’t have good results, he was neutralizing the doses.
Note: If you want to drink coffee or tea then do it for breakfast then wait an hour before you start your daily dosing. We have people taking Moringa 1-2 hours after the daily protocol because it contains 47 antioxidants and by the time they start the next day's protocols it is out of the body.
Important: Learn how to use the Chlorine Dioxide high range test strips and test all liquids used to see if the chlorine dioxide is being weakened or completely eliminated. It is crucial to keep the chlorine dioxide working at it's optimum potential consistently. It is best taken with distilled water, especially with the taste factor almost eliminated with CDS or the activation of MMS with 5% HCL,(hydrochloric acid). HCL is produced by the body and is used in the stomach. 4. Potency of doses (STRENGTH)
There are two things I want to mention here. First of all, is the MMS, CDS, DMSO, MMS2 the correct strength? If not, then you are not going to have the same results. The protocols are based on a certain concentration of strength such as, MMS is 22.4% solution, MMS 2 is 65-75%, DMSO can be found anywhere from 70-99%, The protocols using CDS were developed based on 3,000 ppm not 6,000, 12,000 etc! We've had people come to us and test the potency of their MMS solution and it was 10-15% which is weak with some samples not even activating! So, make sure you get your products from people we recommend because we've tested them already.
We are NOT saying that all sellers are selling weak products, but we can only recommend those we know are producing their products correctly. So, be careful what you are buying because you want the correct potency. It is your health you are trying to restore and not theirs!
Note: Strong CDS such as 6,000 ppm and up can be explosive! It is not necessary to have CDS any stronger than 3,000 ppm, so don't buy it with a higher ppm. It will not 'restore your health' any faster anyways! The hourly dosing once diluted is around 50 ppm. You can ingest it up to 100 ppm without discomfort, but when you go higher then it irritates the throat and mucus membranes and can be uncomfortable.
“If you start out with the wrong potency then you could end up with a different result or no result”. 5. Time (how long to take the Protocols)
The standard Protocol dosing time frame is 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, if your health isn't restored from whatever disease you are trying to eliminate from your body then just keep going until it is!
Especially with diseases such as Herpes, 4th stage cancers, debilitating diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure.
Note: If someone has had a disease for a long time, then it will usually take longer to eradicate it from the body. Keep going until you are successful! 6. Different reception of host
EVERYONE responds differently for a variety of reasons such as:
a. Parasitical infestations b. Liver problems c. Lung problems d. Toxicity of the body, i.e. the body is full of toxins and needs detoxing. When one is in this condition, you have to go VERY slow. e. Compromised immune system
Everybody has different issues they are dealing, so the reception of chlorine dioxide in the body differs.
Note: Don't think everyone responds the same and adjust accordingly, i.e. reduce dosing as needed or ramp up if possible. While one person may be able to “ramp up” to as high as 10 drops an hour others struggle with 5 drops an hour. So, adjust accordingly, but DON'T STOP! 7. Multiple complications or diseases
We've had people come to us for “health restoration” with breast cancer, leukemia, diabetes all at the same time. Now, when dealing with multiple diseases one has to religiously take the protocols while “ramping up” and plan on doing the protocols for longer than 3 weeks, more like months to completely restore one's health.
Remember: the longer one has a disease or multiple diseases the longer it takes to eradicate it from the body. 8. Previous Therapies
We have had people come to us, “on their last leg” and have had multiple chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgeries which makes it hard to “restore health” due to weakened immune system, removed spleen and/or lymphatic system as well as the circulatory system cut and cauterized to hinder blood flow.
When a person is trying to “restore health” and has these situations to deal with he or she has to understand it might take much longer to detox the body from pathogens and “restore health”. 9. Diet
To build the immune system, one has to give the body the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The body assimilates these essential best in their natural state. Organic foods, no GMO's, no hormones, no preservatives or processed foods.
We recommend to build the immune system foods such as: a. Raw milk b. Raw butter c. Raw cheese d. Fresh organic beef liver, chicken liver and red meat with the fat esp. red meat. e. Raw honey f. Moringa leaf (high in antioxidants) Only to be used after daily protocols. g. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing raw is great!
Note: If one is doing the protocols and follows an unhealthy diet then the results could be effected. 10. Parasitical infestations
We have started having people do a parasite cleanse and have seen better and faster results when the parasites are eliminated from the body. Everyone in this world has parasites they deal with in their lifetime but if the body's immune system is strong the they are kept in check. But, when one's body is infested with parasites it has to be dealt with to “restore health” completely.
Note: Everyone should do a parasite cleanse once or twice a year to keep the body cleansed especially, those working in areas where they live and breed i.e. working with animals, sewage and other such areas. 11. Stress on immune system, (weak or non existing).
Stress is a “killer” to the immune system if the body. Work, home, finances, relationships and just plain living in this world can cause a lot of stress if you let it. With a weakened immune system the body doesn't have it's internal pathogen killing ability to help “restore health”.
Note: Try to live a stress-free life as much as possible while trying to overcome any health issues. 12. Attitude (You need a gratitude attitude)!
Having a positive attitude when trying to heal the body is essential. Be grateful for life itself and the pleasures it brings.
Note: Try to keep negative people and situations away from one's self when trying to “restore health”. 13. Blood testing (false positives and out right errors i.e completely untrue)
a. Herpes
We have had people have a positive test for HPV and never have a breakout and have had people test negative and have had breakouts. Are these tests reliable? We spend more time asking people we are “restoring health” to, How do you feel? We want them to tell us the differences in their bodies if any and watch to see if they are gaining weight, sores healing, skin rashes and irritations gone and general sense of well being, being restored. Those things are positive indications of health being restored even if the tests don't agree.
Note: Many times it is months before people get the results they what and maybe never, but “How do they feel?”
b. Autoimmune deficiency
The test for HIV is a test looks for evidence of the presence of 47 auto-immune deficiencies. It has been proven that many pregnant women test positive for HIV when in reality they are later testing as negative. People that have had tetanus shots have also tested positive for HIV when later testing negative. This has also been known to occur for people that have had a yellow fever vaccine.
Note: Watch out for believing the HIV test! 14. Surgical destruction
It is difficult for the body to eliminate toxins form the body when the body's system that is in control of elimination such as these mentioned below are eliminated or damaged. Here are some key components of the body's immune system:
a. Cutting out immune system (Lymph-nodes) c. Colon removed d. Kidneys removed e. Lung removed partially or completely f. Brain surgery (removal of brain matter and veins cut and cauterized) g. Spleen removed
Infections such as MRSA - Staph infections, are common results of surgeries worldwide and the present of this bacteria in the body hinders the restoration of health until it is eliminated. 15. Vaccines residue
Vaccines have been proven to cause many diseases such as Autism, paralysis, partial or complete, strokes, neurological disorders to name a few.
a. Heavy metals - Mercury, aluminum and others b. Toxins - Formaldehyde, alcohol c. Diseases - The creator of the polio vaccine admitted that up to 50 diseases such as cancers and diabetes were added to the vaccine for polio.
Note: If someone has had multiple vaccines the restoration of health can be hinder. 16. Non-biological agents
High amounts of Asbestos in the body can hinder health restoration esp. in the lungs.
Morgellons disease is a disease that puzzles many because there is worm-like strains coming out through the skin and eyes and when examined under a microscope names of pharmaceutical companies are seen! This is not a natural occurring disease.
Note: There may be many more non-biological pathogens in the world that we have to consider when trying to “restore health”. 17. Family pressure
Family and friends can really discourage one from taking the protocols correctly by being negative about what is being taken as well as doubting it will even work. Husband not supporting wives and vice versa cannot discourage one from continuing and therefore not achieving restoration of health.
Note: The support from family and friends when trying to restore one's health is very important and the lack thereof can reduce the results of the protocols. 18. Psychosomatic factors
Psychosomatic disorders are real to the person that has them but they don't really exist i.e. the person believes he or she has a diseases that really doesn't exist!
Psychosomatic illnesses exist and need to be considered when trying to “restore health”.
Note: if a person has been on the protocols for a while with no results at all, then this has to be considered, especially if the person has psychological problems. 19. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY (pollution)
We all know that our world is polluted to a certain extent evidenced by the pollution seen in the skies over the cities of world. We also have pollution in the following areas that we have to deal with on a daily basis.
a. Work place - chemicals and toxins used in the work place b. Home chemicals - household chemicals and toxins used in the home c. Environmental - radiation, microwaves, radium etc. d. Chem trails - aluminum and barium sprayed throughout the world e. Water supplies - sewage, chemicals and toxins in the water we drink, Example: Fluoride
Note: If one is trying to “restore health” and is constantly in contact with high amounts of toxins, the body's immune system is occupied in trying to deal with eliminating these toxins and healing is more difficult and maybe the “cause” of the disease they are trying to eliminate! 20. Permanent damage (accidental, birth defects or surgical)
All the body organs and systems need to be in good condition if the body is to work at its optimum capacity and if there is permanent damage to one or more of the body's functions then the restoration of health is hindered or not possible. i.e. if someone is paralyzed because of spinal cord damage then the ability to move certain parts of the body may never be restored. If the following parts of the body are permanent damaged then it could be possible to restore function but many times it is not.
a. Brain damage b. Nervous system c. Circular system d. Appendix, Spleen e. Permanent damage through surgery f. Liver g. Heart h. Digestive system, (stomach, intestines and colon).
Note: We have seen those that have been told they had permanent damage and seen it reversed! One only knows by following the protocols correctly, so try the protocols to see if your condition can be reversed and “health restored”. 21. Organ toxicity
If the organs of the body are very toxic then these organs have to be cleansed slowly which will take more time in “restoring health”. The following organs have to be slowly detoxed to eliminate poisoning the body by not being able to eliminate the toxins quickly enough due to lack of function.
a. Liver - (Sclerosis, liver cancer, hepatitis) b. Kidney -(On dialysis, kidney stones, infection) c. Gall bladder - (Gall stones, infection) d. Colon - (Clogged colon, cancer) e. Lungs - (Cigarette smoking is full of toxins and is counter productive when trying to restore health to the lungs, but possible)
Note: Although these are conditions that may hinder chlorine dioxide's effectiveness, we have overcome these conditions while “restoring health” to individuals. Remember every one responses differently, so do the protocols correctly and don't stop! These are things to consider if you aren't seeing good results. It might just take longer. 22. Fungi
MMS is very good at “restoring health” with the presence of fungi, but there are a few that it can't eliminate. If the fungus is throughout the body and is located in an area where you have other issues, such as, diabetes related infections in the legs and feet then the restoring of health maybe be slower.
Note: A good way to test if there is the presence of a fungus that MMS can't defeat, you can apply activated MMS Spray on the area and if it burns (as if on fire)then the fungus may not respond to treatments.
Solution: Mix Aztec Clay, (bentonite clay), with Vaseline or olive oil and apply on the infected area and wrap it for the night as you sleep. If the fungus is on the feet then apply the mixture to the infected areas, wrap with a plastic cellophane and put sock over it then go` to bed for the night. This works real well! 23. Re- infected
You can have your “health restored” completely by using the protocols and then be re-infected with the same disease. If a person has a sexually transmitted disease and his or her partner hasn't taken the protocols or hasn't completely “restored health”, then the disease can be passed back to the partner again.
Just because a person has completely “restored health” it doesn't mean that they can't re-infect themselves again. If one continues the lifestyle or the exposure to a certain disease again after they have had their “health restored” then reinfection can very well occur.
Note: To eliminate re-infection of a certain disease, a lifestyle change has to take place to eliminate continued exposure.
Example: If one has contracted cancer and works with a lot of radiation constantly then they will have to be really diligent in eliminating exposure or just change jobs.
Example: If a person has multiple sexual partners then there has to be diligence in protecting one's self or only have one partner to eliminate the risk of re-infection as long as the partner is free of the disease. If not wait until the person's health is restored. Condoms don't necessarily protect from sexual diseases.
Make sure you clean the areas where contact was made with the other person with MMS1 or CDS. Carry a spray bottle of MMS1 or CDS with you to cleanse yourself. 24. Lack of finances to continue
Even though the protocols we use are relatively inexpensive, there are some in this world that can't even afford that amount. If the product runs out then the protocol is stopped and health is not restored even though one feels much better and has been alleviated from the symptoms, but not the health issue completely.
Note: If you start the protocols make sure you can finish until health is restored. Solution: Usually family and friends will help if you let them know you might need some assistance. Try to plan for this ahead of time before one runs out of product. 25. Self deception
People can deceive themselves in thinking they are well when in fact they are still sick. Accept reality and take personal responsibility for your health and continue until all symptoms are gone no matter how long it takes.
Note: Even after one's health is restored, continue on the “maintenance doses” and maintain a good diet to keep the immune system strong.
Yes, again it might mean a lifestyle change! 26. Adjusting the doses
Even though it is mentioned above, it is important to mention just how to adjust the dosing. If a person is really sick then, you must go slow, i.e. if a person has 4th stage cancer in the liver or lungs then we start with 1 drop an hour. If
there is any adverse reaction then we reduce the dose to ½ drop an hour. This applies to all so-called terminal diseases. After reducing stay at that dose until one feels better to go up. Increase the doses SLOWLY! Don't stop!
If a person is adding the DSMO hourly, i.e. protocol 1000+, and has a herxheimer reaction, then stop adding the DMSO for a day or so then try adding it again.
Note: Herxheimer Reaction or oxidative stress is when the body has so many toxins being put into the blood that the body can't eliminate them fast enough so there is flu-like symptoms, (aches and pains in the joints and muscles, fatigue). When this happens reduce the dosing, maybe even start over.
Same when taking the Protocol 2000 which is the addition of calcium Hypochlorite. If you add the MMS2,(Calcium Hypochlorite), and feel like you can't tolerate it then stop a few days then try again.
Note: We start the dosing of MMS2 with only a