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MMS - Informacije in dejstva

MMS (Miracle Mineral Suplement, Miracle Mineral Solution)
Alternativen način zdravljenja

MMS je 25 - 28% raztopina NaClO2(natrijev klorit) in deluje proti enoceličnim organizmom kot so razne bakterije, glive in parazitske praživali[1](Protozoa).

Na podlagi nekaterih raziskav in pričanj lahko MMS pozdravi malarijo v samo 4 urah z uničenjem (počenjem) patogena.

[2] Superoksid ali superoksidni anionski radikal (O2-–)v telesu tudi sami proizvajamo, predvsem za obrambo pred raznimi mikroorganizmi. Z NaClO2le pomagamo telesu, da se lažje bori proti škodljivim mikroorganizmom, poskrbimo za ti. »oksidativni izbruh« v našem telesu, predvsem brez stranskih učinkov. Jim Humble je prvi začel uporabljati termin Mineral Miracle Solution (MMS) in trdi da lahko s tem 'zdravilom' zdravimo HIV,[3]ptičjo gripo, prehlad, virusni hepatitis, nekatere oblike raka, akne, ...[4]

Zaradi ti. oksidativnega izbruha bakterije ne morejo razviti rezistentnega gena. Kemija v ozadju je enostavna a močna, ClO2(O2-–)deluje kot oksidacijski reagent, sprejema elektrone v kemijski reakciji, patogeni mikroorganizmi pa so lahki 'donatorji', s tem povzroči da se patogeni ne morejo razmnoževati. Ker ClO2ni močen oksidant (recimo kot O3) deluje selektivno (telesu lastno!) torej samo na patogene!
MMS se s svojimi proti-mikrobnimi lastnostmi uspešno uporablja tudi kot 'razkuževalec' vode.

Miracle Mineral Supplement also referred to as MMS is a fairly new development, well atleast to the general public. The creator/inventor Jim Humble has treated more than 6,000 people personally. Many consider this the single greatest breakthrough of all time and expect it to forever change medicine.

This Breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worse diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More than 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.

What is MMS made of?

MMS is not magic, it has science behind it. Let's take a quick look at what MMS is made of Chlorine Dioxide ion - ClO2 - Kills microscopic organisms – Pathogens and oxidizes heavy metals.
Chlorine dioxide ion (ClO2) has been FDA approved to treat water and wash raw poultry, meat and fish while processing. It is said to kill 100% of pathogens in water treatment systems and in processing plants in 5% of the water processing plants. This quote is from MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement, Jim Humble who discovered the hidden properties of “Stabilized Oxygen” and a way to increase its properties 100 fold its ability to kill 98 to 100% of dangerous pathogens in the system.

When people hear Chlorine that instantly think toxins, but not all Chlorine is the same. ClO2is found naturally in your body, infact your body produces ClO2to help fight off infections and diease.

A brief history of MMS and it's creator

Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. It was a response to a need to help a member of his expedition who came down with malaria, more than two days away, through heavy jungle, from the next mine. After many years of experience, Humble always carried stabilized oxygen with him on such expeditions, to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken man. To everyone’s amazement, he was well within a few hours. That sure seemed like a miracle, but Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened.

Curing AIDS/HIV with MMS?

This was taken from The Miracle Mineral Supplement book

“Over 60% of the AIDS victims that were treated in Uganda were well in 3 days, with 98% well within one month. More than 90% of the malaria victims were well in 4 to 8 hours. Dozens of other diseases were successfully treated and can be controlled with this new mineral supplement. It also works with colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, and even abscessed teeth (it’s the only thing that controls and cures abscessed teeth).'

Oxidation as use to kill microorganisms:

Chlorine dioxide kills most microorganisms through the process of oxidation. Oxidation is not always understood, with many people thinking that oxidation is the process of adding oxygen to other substances. That is not the case. Oxidation is the process by which substances are destroyed. The electrons that hold a substance together are pulled off by the oxidizing chemical and thus the substance then comes apart, which of course, destroys it.

Chlorine dioxide is unique in the chemical world because the chlorine dioxide molecule has a chemical characteristic that changes and makes it selective for pathogens. The change happens when the chlorine dioxide molecule pulls one electron from a pathogen, which normally is not enough to damage the pathogen, but that electron then comes over to the chlorine dioxide molecule and changes it to a greater strength, which then allows it to pull 4 more electrons from the pathogen. When this happens a thousand times or a hundred thousand times, the pathogen is destroyed, mainly because this process blows a hole in the side of the pathogen.Ref.[6]

Just for your information, there is another oxidation process which is called 'chlorination', which involves the chlorine coming over and combining with the item to be oxidized, thus making new compounds. When this happens with chlorination, many times, one of the new compounds because of the chlorine involved, is carcinogenic (cancer causing). This information is just added for reference.Chlorination has nothing to do with MMS, but it might confuse some of the criticswho happen to use Clorox bleach in their laundry. But again, chlorination has nothing to do with MMS.Ref.[6]

Oxidation Potential

The oxidation strength describes how strongly an oxidizer reacts with an oxidizable substance. Ozone has the highest oxidation strength and reacts with every substance that can be oxidized. Chlorine dioxide is weak, it has a lower potential than hypochlorous acid or hypobromous acid. The oxidation capacity shows how many electrons are transferred at an oxidation or reduction reaction. The chlorine atom in chlorine dioxide has an oxidation number of +4. For this reason chlorine dioxide accepts 5 electrons when it is reduced to chloride. When we look at the molecular weight, chlorine dioxide contains 263 % 'available chlorine'; this is more than 2,5 times the oxidation capacity of chlorine.

Table: the oxidation potentials of various oxidants.

oxidant oxidation strength oxidation capacity

ozone (O3) 2,07 2 e-

hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 1,78 2 e-

hypochlorous acid (HOCl) 1,49 2 e-

hypobromous acid (HOBr) 1,33 2 e-

chlorine dioxide (ClO2) 0,95 5 e-

Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Oxidation Potential

The metabolism of microorganisms and consequently their ability to survive and propagate are influenced by the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of the medium in which it lives (USEPA, 1996).

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a neutral compound of chlorine in the +IV oxidation state. It disinfects by oxidation; however, it does not chlorinate. It is a relatively small, volatile, and highly energetic molecule, and a free radical even while in dilute aqueous solutions. At high concentrations, it reacts violently with reducing agents. However, it is stable in dilute solution in a closed container in the absence of light (AWWA, 1990).Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2-) (Hoehn et al., 1996).

The pKa for the chlorite ion, chlorous acid equilibrium, is extremely low at pH 1.8. This is remarkably different from the hypochlorous acid/hypochlorite base ion pair equilibrium found near neutrality, and indicates the chlorite ion will exist as the dominant species in drinking water. The oxidation reduction of some key reactions are (CRC, 1990):

ClO2(aq) + e = ClO2 E° = 0.954V

Other important half reactions are:
ClO2 + 2H2O +4e = Cl + 4OH E° = 0.76V
ClO3 + H2O + 2e = ClO2 + 2OH E° = 0.33V
ClO3 + 2H+ + e = ClO2 + H2O E° = 1.152V

(The E with the little zero in the first equation above is the oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide which is .954 volts.)

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Popolna protokol lista bolezni

CDS (ClO2raztopina) BREZ vonja in okusa!

CDS(Chlorine Dioxide Solution)- Že pripravljena raztopina brez okusa, ni potrebna nobena priprava kot je bilo potrebno prej oz. ni potrebna aktivacija.

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Controlled Clinical Evaluationsof Chlorine Dioxide, Chloriteand Chlorate in Man(1982)

- The Department of Pharmacology, The Ohio State University, College of Medicine, 333 W. 10th Avenue, Columbus, OH

... kliknite za ogled raziskave. PDF 1,1 Mb

Protective effect of low-concentration chlorinedioxide gas (ClO2)against influenza A virus infection- H5N1 (2007)

-Research Institute, Taiko Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, 3-34-14 Uchihonmachi, Suita, Osaka 564-0032, Japan

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